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Alker Green Initiative (AGI)

21 May 2017

Many of the processes and operations in the fields of Oil, Gas and Construction can impact the environment adversely. Given the nature of these industries and Alker’s involvement with them, we have established the Alker Green Initiative (AGI) which shall act as the cornerstone of our environmental commitment. 


Environmental responsibility and sustainability are important issues for Alker Group of Industries and its subsidiaries. As an industry leader in the field of LNG and natural gas, the cleanest form of fossil fuel in terms of environmental safety, Alker’s commitment to minimalizing it’s carbon footprint has long been a positive influence for many. 


Alker takes its role as a steward of the environment very seriously and is determined to minimizing the impact of its operations on it. The Alker Green Initiative (AGI) shall enable our worldwide operations to strive for consistently sound environmental behaviour. Its objectives are based on Alker’s core principles of preventing and minimizing environmental impact from its various operations and promoting continuous preservation of biodiversity.

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