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Alker Oil & Gas
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Alker Oil & Gas

Producing Excellence
Alker Oil & Gas has an extensive portfolio of facilities operating in association with some of the world’s major oil and gas producers. We are seeking to expand our exploration portfolio globally, to generate future growth opportunities.


We are committed to strengthening relationships with co-venturers, communities, governments and most of all customers, to further strengthen Alker’s position as the partner of choice.


Alker Oil & Gas operates in a range of marine and terrestrial environments, diverse as the Alker Group itself. We remain committed to minimising our carbon footprint by integrating our world-class environmental management system into the very design, construction and operation of our facilities.


Alker Oil & Gas continues to devote significant resources to environmental studies. Our strong expertise in the study of biodiversity enables us to gather robust scientific data that is ever critical to the formation of our impact assessments and decision making. 


We are determined to further improving the energy efficiency of our operations, and are proud to say that we have successfully achieved up to 30% reduction in emissions intensity since the commissioning of the Alker Green Initiative (AGI).

Alker FPSO

Alker Oil & Gas operates three oil floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels. This forms one of the largest owner-operated fleets in the industry with a remarkable track record of efficient and safe production from current fields.


Our FPSO installations are floating facilities based on an oil tanker hull, equipped with hydrocarbon processing equipment for separating and treating crude oil, water and gases, arriving on board from sub-sea oil wells through flexible pipelines.  


Treated oil is transferred to cargo tanks in our FPSO ships’ hulls while treated gas utilised as fuel for power generation on the tanker. Excess gas is re-injected back into the subsea reservoirs if not exported via a pipeline to shore.

Alker LNG
Alker LNG is committed to delivering cleaner energy when it is needed more than ever before. We operate two liquefaction and storage plants, with eight LNG trains altogether with nominal capacity of approximately 4.5 million tons per annum (mtpa) each, processing approximately 2 Bcf/d of natural gas. 


Here natural gas is chilled to -161° C to convert it to liquid form. Once liquefied, the natural gas takes up much less space, 600 times less than the space of its gaseous form to be exact. This allows for it to be stored and transported efficiently and economically in Alker’s four LNG carrier ships (LNGC) and the same of contractors and partner enterprises. 


Our LNGCs transport LNG safely and securely to various regasification terminals across the world to be converted back to gaseous form and used for environmentally responsible energy production.

Alker FLNG Development
FLNG Development

Driven by our state of the art and world-class capabilities, we are committed to expanding Alker LNG’s portfolio through premium advancements including Floating LNG (FLNG) development.


FLNG will place gas liquefaction facilities directly over offshore gas fields which will essentially eliminate the need for uneconomical long-distance pipelines and extensive onshore infrastructure. This makes Alker’s FLNG development an attractive alternative for the monetization of offshore gas fields.


Drawing strength from experience in major FPSO, LNG and subsea infrastructure projects, Alker LNG is ideally positioned to manage and operate new generation FLNG vessels.


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