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Building Excellence
Alker Construction is an industrial sector focused construction and maintenance enterprise. From project concept to product delivery, we’re committed to responsibly creating and delivering value for the communities, suppliers and customers we serve.


Alker Construction has established an enviable reputation for timely delivering exceptional projects across a range of industrial sectors. We have a track record of providing specialist construction and maintenance services to various industrial enterprises. Our experience includes development and maintenance of some of Alker Oil & Gas’s projects along with the same of some of world’s other leading energy companies and Alker Greenhouses’ renowned Advanced Protected Agriculture (APA) facilities.


Powered by our belief that repeat business is a measure of our overall success, we are proud to say that our clients return over and again as they trust us to deliver to them exceptional results on time, on budget and meeting the required standards.


Alker Construction’s services can be sourced from across the group, regardless of where they need to be deployed. Our geographic coverage and customer focus allows us to be highly flexible and responsive in the delivery of services across a range of industrial projects. Our services are powered by comprehensive planning, supervisory, and most importantly, quality management systems always meeting the standards expected by our customers.

Industrial Management & Maintenance
Alker Construction has a broad range of skills and experience in maintenance, management and execution of industrial projects. From minor plant rectifications and renovations to industrial plant shutdowns and new power distribution infrastructure assets, Alker Construction is committed to manage and deliver capital works projects for a broad range of industrial clients. We work with our customers to understand their specific needs, coordinate design if required and manage the delivery of industrial projects ensuring the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental responsibility. Our specific competencies include:
Asset installation and maintenance: installation, maintenance and repair services for a wide range of fixed and mobile assets including handling/manufacturing/processing equipment, materials and specialist rotating equipment including large industrial fans and industrial pumps.
Mechanical Shutdowns: project management, engineering, and mechanical services for delivering seamless shutdowns for industrial projects.
Condition Monitoring: preventative maintenance programmes that are based on specialist analytical techniques including acoustic emission, vibration and infrared thermography, that allow us to maximise asset reliability and equipment lifecycles - tailored to the requirements of high risk industrial environments.
Electrical Service: installation, upgrade and maintenance of major equipment and control systems along with safety and compliance audits.
Ship Repair & Maintenance: all ship maintenance disciplines including electrical, mechanical, fabrication and shipwright.
Natural Gas & LNG Industry

Alker Construction believes that the rapidly expanding LNG sector has the potential to create a wide range of long-term benefits in energy industries across the world often bereft this cleanest form of natural fuel. 


Our executive team has constructed and maintained some of the world’s largest and most successful environmentally responsible LNG projects. We are determined to applying and sharing our global experience and expertise for the development and growth the LNG sector across the world.


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