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Growing Excellence
Conventional farming methods and aggravated climate change are rendering precious once abundant resources such as water and nutrients all over the world – Alker Greenhouses are the solution. The systems and growing methods of Alker Greenhouses are resolving many of the issues faced by plant and food producers today.


Alker Greenhouses has moved from a mere niche business to supplying a significant proportion of fresh vegetables, including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to some of the world’s largest and most successful food & beverages enterprises. We are at the forefront of acquiring and utilising the latest greenhouse agriculture technology to meet with an ever increasing demand for Alker Greenhouse vegetables without compromising the quality and sanctity of our organic production system. 


Alker Greenhouse’s Advanced Protected Agriculture (APA) represents a major agriculture endeavour that is carried out all year round at our specialised greenhouses. It allows us to grow a variety of vegetables in climates that are rarely the most suitable. The capacity to minutely control temperature and humidity is one of the most important advantages of APA. Our Greenhouses are built using the highest quality materials that maximize the heat from the sun, complemented with specialised heating systems and humidifiers inside the greenhouses during select seasons.


APA represents the next generation of greenhouse agriculture, delivering an unprecedented consistency of year-round produce. Our commitment at Alker Greenhouses is to define and enforce the true integrity of our greenhouse based Advanced Protected Agriculture (APA) to assure consumers that our products are grown in accordance with the highest standards of purity, safety, quality and environmental responsibility.


Our Ultimate Mission
Alker Greenhouses | Our Ultimate Mission

Our ultimate mission at Alker Greenhouses, powered by APA, is further development of greenhouse agriculture technologies, allowing us to improve the quantity and quality of the overall food for the whole world and help reduce world hunger problems. We are also determined to enabling people across the world to buy almost any vegetable at their local grocers, essentially bringing the concept of out-of-season to a long overdue end.

Certified Greenhouse Produce
Certified Greenhouse Produce Initiative (CGPI)

Alker Greenhouses’ Certified Greenhouse Produce Initiative (CGPI) seeks an enforceable definition for greenhouse-grown organic vegetables to ensure that when a consumer wishes to buy greenhouse-grown organic vegetables, he or she can rest assured that the produce labelled greenhouse has in fact been produced in a defined greenhouse meeting the highest standards for purity, safety, quality and environmental responsibility.

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