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The Alker Compass

Alker Compass
Integrity, Discipline & Excellence
At Alker we believe that our long-term success depends not only on the excellence of the oil and gas we refine and supply, the structures we construct and develop or the advanced protected agriculture we conduct across the world. We believe that long-term success also depends on doing what is right, and believing in the good that it will do for generations to come.
As we strive to explore new frontiers of technology and innovation in a broad spectrum of industrial enterprises, we are guided by the Alker Compass which links our core values - integrity, perseverance, teamwork, working sustainably, discipline and excellence - with Alker’s vision, mission and strategy.
The Alker way

As we continually strive for superior standards of quality and performance in our various endeavours, knowing that the very nature of modern industry is rapid change rather than permanence, we are quick to adapt to every new scenario. There are some aspects however that remain a constant in our way - thorough preparation, continuous evaluation and re-evaluation are prioritised with keen attention given to every minute detail - that is the Alker way.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is driven by our human resources skills, our highly distinctive technological capabilities, our world-class industrial model and our unique approach to create value. Through these core strengths, facilitated by our commercial agility, active portfolio management, intensive project development and operations capability, we are keen on exploring new frontiers in every endeavour we undertake while delivering on the promise of swift and perennial progress in our every venture.

Safety & Security

Among the various factors crucial to our business success, a safe workplace with the highest ethical standards is paramount. We are wholly committed to providing a safe, healthy and secure work environment with zero tolerance of corruption. Our unrelenting commitment to integrity, fairness and transparency, above any and all other interests has over time served us well as our various enterprises evolve to face new challenges.

Environment & Sustainability

Alker is determined to minimising its carbon footprint and environmental impact. We continually strive to further improve our energy efficiency and emissions performance by reducing the amount of fuel we use to make power and the amount we flare. Our commitment to minimise the impact of our operations on water and contributions to initiatives for the protection of biodiversity place our enterprises among the most environmentally responsible in their respective industries.

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