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Alker Oil & Gas
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Alker Industries, Alker Group EU and Alker Group NA are trading names of Alker Group of Industries LLC, comprised of various enterprises in numerous countries spanning four continents; most notably Alker Oil & Gas, Alker LNG, Alker Construction and Alker Greenhouses.

Alker Industries is setting the pace of inter-industry collaboration and intra-industry diversification across a range of industrial fields, including energy with Alker Oil & Gas and Alker LNG, construction and development with Alker Construction, and Advanced Protected Agriculture (APA) with Alker Greenhouses. Alker is setting new standards of excellence and innovation in various industries across the world; further details regarding Alker's diverse portfolio of enterprises are available through links below.

Alker Compass

At Alker we believe that our long-term success depends not only on the excellence of the oil and gas we refine and supply, the structures we construct and develop or the advanced protected agriculture we conduct across the world. We believe that long-term success also depends on doing what is right, and believing in the good that it will do for generations to come.


As we strive to explore new frontiers of technology and innovation in a broad spectrum of industrial enterprises, we are guided by the Alker Compass which links our core values - integrity, perseverance, teamwork, working sustainably, discipline and excellence - with Alker’s vision, mission and strategy.

Latest News 

21 May 2017

Many of the processes and operations in the fields of Oil, Gas and Construction can impact the environment adversely. Given the nature of these industries and Alker’s involvement with them, we have established the Alker Green Initiative (AGI) which shall act as the cornerstone of our environmental commitment. 


Environmental responsibility and sustainability are important issues for Alker Group of Industries and its subsidiaries. As an industry leader in the field of LNG and natural gas, the cleanest form of fossil fuel in terms of environmental safety, Alker’s commitment to minimalizing it’s carbon footprint has long been a positive influence for many. 


Alker takes its role as a steward of the environment very seriously and is determined to minimizing the impact of its operations on it. The Alker Green Initiative (AGI) shall enable our worldwide operations to strive for consistently sound environmental behaviour. Its objectives are based on Alker’s core principles of preventing and minimizing environmental impact from its various operations and promoting continuous preservation of biodiversity.

03 September 2014

Alker Group of Industries is delighted to announce that plans have been put in place and arrangements in order for establishment of various projects in Brazil under multiple subsidiary enterprises including Alker Oil & Gas and Alker Construction, initially, and Alker Greenhouses, subsequently. 


The complexity of finding suitable partners and formerly cumbersome bureaucratic processes have been some of the factors that previously curtailed interest for Alker in setting up projects in Brazil for the past few years, however since 2013 the growth of the Brazilian market has opened new and promising opportunities.


Various international enterprises that were formerly established in the country but chose to shut down are consequently making arrangements for re-opening while others with previously little to no presence in Brazil are planning to move in and Alker is determined to be at the forefront.

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